The Band

He started to play guitar when he was only a child.After many years of cover band experiences he started to study piano and flute and early he became the singer of a band called Eva. He worked with this band for many years, but left them before the realisation of an album. He met Dark Horizon in 2001 and recorded two album with them: Dark Light’s Shades and the new Angel Secret Masquerade. Actually he is working to his solo project and with an hard rock band called Hard Crash.

He was one of the first member of the band. He is the engine of the Dark Horizon music machine. He begun his music experience as a pianist, then he started to play the guitar and extended his interests for all the music genres: classic, pop, 70th rock, hard and heavy. Actually he is a famous sound engineer and we can say that he is the real Dark Horizon sound maker.

guitar Gibson Les Paul Standard e Ibanez Custom
Ampli Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 e Mark IV
Pedal Effects Boss (no digital!) Jim Dunlop e Line6.

Alessandro Battini begins to study classical piano at the conservatory at the age of 10, after a few years he goes on only with keyboards. After some experiences in cover bands, he decides to found together with the guitarist Daniele Mandelli the Dark Horizon in 1996. With the band he records the first two demos "Legend In Opera" and "Unnamed", until the first full length "Son Of Gods", in 2001. In 2002 he joins Orion, prog symphonic thrash metal band, with which he records the album "Illusory Exsistence". Recently Alessandro founded with former Orion members a new band called GHOST CITY.

Instrumentation: Keyboards Korg Triton Extreme, Korg Trinity, Roland Ax Synth.

Curiosity: he has tattooed the symbol of the Dark Horizon on the leg.

Luca Capelli starts playing in the years 1980s, 1990s then he attends the Academy of Modern Music with a teacher as Franco Rossi where he follows lessons of drums, rhythmic solfeggio, piano and also a course to become a phonic. With Dark Horizon, in 1998, he collaborates to the songwriting of the first songs and to the recording of the first demo "Legend in Opera"; after that, he separates from the band to found Stormblade, Power-Trash metal band. In 2002 he comes back in the ranks of the DHs, after different experiences with bands of various musical extractions, realizing the albums Dark Light's Shade and Angel Secret Masquerade. Currently he is busy in some parallel projects of Gothic Metal and Progressive.