The band

He is one of the founder members of the band together with Alessandro, and he is the engine of the Dark Horizon music.

He beguns his music experience as a pianist, then he started to play the guitar extending his interest in different music styles. He works as a sound engineer and he is the Dark Horizon sound maker.

He plays Gibson Les Paul standard custom guitar, mesa boogie nomad 100 and Mark IV amplifiers, Boss, Jim Dunlop and line6 pedal effects.

He beguns to study classical piano at the conservatory at the age of 10, after a few years he went on only with the keyboard. After some experiences in cover bands, he founded Dark Horizon together with Daniele in 1996.

He recorded the first 2 demos “legend in opera” and “unnamed”, and all the other albums until now.

In 2002 he joined “Orion”, prog symphonic thrash metal band, and he recorded “Illusory Existence”. Recently “Orion”changed their name in “Ghost City”, and recorded their full lenght album called “tragic soul symphony”.

He plays Korg and Roland keyboards

Paolo started to play music at the age of 7; he played several instruments in his life, and he became singer at the age of 17.

He recorded his first album with a band called “Caladium”, then after some years, he joined “Powerhouse”, a Deep Purple tribute band (with Daniele Mandelli as guitar player); in 2010 he founded “Black Sheep” as singer and rhythm guitar player, and with this band he recorded a full lenght album in 2014, produced and mixed by Daniele Mandelli.

At the end of 2014 he joined Dark Horizon, and the first act with this band was the “Christmas Hallelujah” song and videoclip.

He is working to a side project called “Swarm”, a doom metal band.

He plays Yamaha bass and TC electronics amp.

Luca started to play in the eighties and he attended the academy of modern music with Franco Rossi as teacher; he tooks lessons of drum, rhythmic solfeggio, piano and also a sound engineer school.

In 1998 he took part in the songwriting of the first demo “legend in opera”, but after that he split from the band and he founded “Stormblade”, a power thrash metal band. In 2002, after other experience with some bands of different music extraction, he returned to Dark Horizon and recorded all the albums from “dark light’s shades” until this last “Aenigma”.

He is busy in some other parallel projects of gothic and progressive metal.

He plays Mapex drum and Ufip/Sabian cymbals